Cheap Running


Polar have been developing heart rate monitors for over 30 years. Nowadays, their products incorporate the very latest in body performance monitoring and GPS technology for an optimal training regime.   Built-in training programs adapt as you train to keep you heading in the right direction. 

Polar have developed the STAR Training Program.   This is included in watches such as the Polar FT80 and Polar FT60 gives your feedback on your performance after each session.   Depending on your height, weight, age and sex, STAR will create a personalised training program which adapts from session to session to keep you training at your optimum level

Polar's OwnZone feature can be used to find the correct training zone for current physical condition.  OwnZone can be found in the basic Polar RS100 and the more advanced Polar RS400.   Using OwnZone, you can determine the zone that is safe for you, from a lighter intensity (for fat burning) up to a more moderate intensity (for cardiovascular training).   Your OwnZone can be recalculated before any training session, to match your body’s day to day physiological condition.

OwnZone is part of Polar's Smart Coaching feature set, which also includes :-

  • Recovery Test - assess your personal training status
  • Fitness Test - check your fitness level is progressing
  • Training Load - find the correct balance between training and rest days
  • Running Index - check the progress of your running performance
  • Smart Calories - keep a track of the calories your burning