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Sports Watches

Looking for a sports watch ?   Should be straightforward, right ?  How many options can there be ?   Well, loads actually.    Choose from everything from a simple sports-styled watch up to a top of the range heart rate monitor with GPS tracking.   Also, what's your sport ? Do you cycle, run, swim or all of the above ?

Let's start with Garmin...

Probably the biggest name in GPS sport watches at the moment, Garmin bring you the excellent Forerunner series of training watches.   Find something here to suit all budgets from the top of the range Garmin 910XT to the simple to use Garmin FR60 sports watch.   Garmin claim that this is "the world's most complete training watch" given it's suitability for running, swimming and cycling - and certainly it has a vast array of features to allow you keep track of your training session or race.   Look out for the Garmin Forerunner 610, which comes with a touchscreen.   No longer do you need to fumble for the start / stop button while your training !

Next up, our favourite Finnish company, Polar...

Polar excel in heart rate monitors.   They been developing them for over 30 years.  Whether you are starting out on a new fitness program or looking to maximise your performance, Polar have what you're looking for.  Starting with the Polar RS100,  this is perfect for beginners who want simple heart-rate and timing features.   For those with a bigger budget, consider the Polar RCX5 which includes GPS, a great heart rate monitor and all weighing less than 50g